December, 2008

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01 The Infinity Lab Does e-flux

cardThe Twelve Days of e-faux
(The Infinity Lab Does e-flux)

Do you ever get the feeling you need to be independently wealthy to be an artist?

Did you know that Artforum and Art in America ads cost about 6-15 thosand dollars each?

Have you ever wanted to share your work with the folks at MOCA? Maybe you prefer MOMA? LACMA? The Getty Center? The Tate?

Well, here's how you can do that, visit:

02 Phantom SLIGHTINGS, art after the POST-Chicano movement

phantom slightings

Phantom SLIGHTINGS, Art After the POST-Chican@ Movement (The Infinity Lab Does LACMA)

In response to LACMA’s controversial “Post-Chican@” exhibit, The Infinity Lab advocates for X-stream Chican@ art by questioning the curators' post-al notions.




03   Another Formulaic Kruger

another kruger

Another Formulaic Kruger (The Infinity Lab Does Barbara Kruger)

The Stuart Collection’s newest edition, “Another” by Barbara Kruger was getting low ratings by hushed voices at The University of California, San Diego and elsewhere. Willing to take the heat, The Infinity Lab takes it upon themselves to speak out.

04 The Infinity Lab Does City Beat

city beat

The Infinity Lab Does City Beat

The San Diego City Beat gets hijacked.  For the story they were a part of (by Kinsee Morlan), The Infinity Lab creates a suburban earthwork of the cover, complete with sky blue plastic pool and kool kat, chance.



05   Piss Kruger

piss kruger

Piss Kruger (The Infinity Lab Revisits Barbara Kruger with an Andrés Serrano Twist)

Inspired by the media events following the release of the faux "urination on Barbara Kruger installation" hoopla, The Infinity Lab just had to take it one step further.


06   The Infinity Lab does Fritz Haeg

fritz cwc haeg

The Infinity Lab does Fritz Haeg @ Da Whitney

The Infinity Lab saw a YouTube video of Fritz Haeg talking about his piece, Animal Estates, and they just couldn’t resist.


07  The Infinity Lab does The Getty

the geddyThe Infinity Lab does The Getty
Connected to their recent “California Video” exhibit, the Getty launched the contest site, promising that the "most viewed" and "highest rated" videos would be shown at the Getty Center's Fridays Off the 405 Event. So The Infinity Lab joined the video revolution, and overthrew that shit through low-tech hacking and video parody.





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